Shit I’ve Read in 2020: A List

1. The Stars Are Legion – Kameron Hurley
2. I’m a Gay Wizard – V.S. Santoni
3. Wizards Are So Gay – V.S. Santoni (unpublished MS—edited) (x3)
4. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous – Ocean Vuong
5. Yes, You Are Trans Enough: My Transition from Self-Loathing to Self-Love – Mia Violet
6. Water Into Wine – Joyce Chng
7. Locations of Grief – Catherine Owen, ed. (unpublished MS—edited)
8. Born From Chaos – Wendii McIver (unpublished MS—edited/re-read)
9. Surface Area – Terese Mason Pierre
10. The Deep – Rivers Solomon
11. Propositions and Prayers – Lise Downe
12. K – Costi Gurgu (unpublished MS—edited)
13. Creatures of the Night – Grace Collins (unpublished MS—edited)
14. Schism – Benjamin Kinney (unpublished MS—evaluation)
15. Looking Through Stained Glass: The Days and Nights of a Raivenne – Rai Venne
16. Bone Black – Carol Rose Goldeneagle
17. Heavy: An American Memoir – Kiese Laymon
18. The Last She – Hannah Nelson (unpublished MS—edited)
19. The Future of Another Timeline – Annalee Newitz
20. Trans Like Me: Conversations for All of Us – CN Lester
21. Upgraded – Mike Stewart (unpublished MS—evaluation)
22. Console Wars – Blake J. Harris
23. House of X/Powers of X – Hickman, Larraz, Silva, Gracia
24. Swann’s Way – Marcel Proust (DNF—I don’t hate myself enough)
25. One Sweet Cherry – CC Adams (unpublished MS—beta)
26. Nightmares & Dreamscapes – Stephen King

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